“I Can and I Did!”

Scott Dietrich, proudly presents his children’s book “I Can and I Did!” Through an uplifting story about a granddaughter and her grandfather, the value of perseverance and belief in self, take flight. “I Can and I Did!” is beautifully illustrated by Denise Garrido, Miss World Canada 2010.


“I Can and I Did!” is a valuable tool to any parent or educator, who believes in their children, and wants to empower them to believe in themselves as well.”

Teri Hawkins
Best Selling Author and Oregon Teacher of the Year

“Don’t give up is the message of children’s book, ‘I Can and I Did!’. I really enjoyed this book because sometimes we take for granted perseverance, and take the easy way out. But having determination can get you through the rough times. When I didn’t give up and succeeded it was the most amazing feeling in the world! We have to remind our children about those feelings and when we put our minds to something we can do it.”

Mumsy Mess with Shari Nelson
Blogger for City Parent Magazine

“A heartwarming book with an important early lesson for children: What we tell ourselves does matter.”

Ophelia de Serres
Penny Pumpernickel Pants Playcare

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